Siete Almond Flour Tortillas

Hello Food Lovers , Welcome To information and learn. In This article we will learn how to make Siete Almond Flour Tortillas. Siete Almond Flour Tortillas are Low Carb Friendly Homemade tortillas. Siete almond flour tortillas are quick and easy to make .Siete Almond Flour Tortillas

Table of Contents

Prep. Time : 20 Minutes

Cooking Time : 10 Minutes

Total Time : 30 Minutes

Yield : 6- 10 Tortillas

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  • Coconut Flour : 2 tbsp
  • Tsp Sale : 1/2
  • Water:1/2 cup
  • Coconut oil : 1 tbsp
  • Baking powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Almond flour : 1 Cup
  • Psyllium husk : 2 tbspSiete Almond Flour Tortillas


  • Combine dry ingredients in a medium bowl.
  • Use your hands to combine the wet ingredients ,  mix into cohesive dough.
  • Heat the griddle to 400 degrees.
  • Break off a small piece of dough and it should be rolled out into a circle between two silpat mats using a rolling pin. While parchment paper can also be used for this, I’ve discovered that Silpat mats make the process much simpler. The circle should be about the size of a thick flour tortilla.
  • Take the silpat mat with the tortilla on it and set it aside. Turn the silpat mat upside down so that the tortilla is on the griddle, wait 5 – 7 seconds then peel back the silpat mat. This works best in the event that you keep the silpat mat as near the iron as could be expected, and utilize a hotcake flipper to hold the tortilla onto the frying pan cautiously.
  • Cook the Tortilla for around 30-45 seconds. Flip the tortilla and cook it again for another 35-45 seconds. Eliminate the tortilla from the griddle when it’s finished and repeat process for rest dough.

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